Why Us?

Ever felt lost in the sea of content at Facebook/Instagram or any other social media? With thousands of 'friends' whom you never feel connected to, accepting requests from strangers, tired of scrolling through their posts and pictures who do not have any real connection to you? While you miss out on information and posts which are actually relevant to you.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could ONLY glance at posts of your friends in your college? Like…… Who bagged that job? What's the latest news from the campus clubs? etc.

Here comes Campus24 to your rescue We unite your Family - Your Campus

We have the advantages of both a social and a utility app (all in one). No other social app, NO other, combines all the fun and productive aspects of your college life as seamlessly and as effectively as we do! Just give it a try and you will see 😃

Here’s what we do which others don’t

Our ‘Home’ is a platform with all of your college mates already present and ‘Global’ connects all C24 campuses socially. So, discuss, interact, share, comment and get to know what’s trending!


Like-minded peeps Assemble!! From PUBG groups to GATE coaching, find people with whom you can connect naturally to have fun and/or amplify your skills!


College is the time to discover yourself. Showcase your talents, your achievements, team up with friends and let your skills sparkle through our weekly contests! Let the entire campus know you!


To cater to the need of expressing your confessions anonymously 😉. We provide an inbuilt tool like no other social media! You may not want to give out your identity sometimes and we respect that :D


Notes, Notices, Event schedules, Clubs Workshops — at your fingertips. If you haven’t yet downloaded the app, you are missing out! Cuz C24 campuses will always be a step ahead.


Get to experience a virtual campus life like never before! C24 will keep you entertained and amplify your college days. Enjoy Contests, Facts, Memes, Advice, Tips etc. while managing your studies!


Stay Updated, Organised and Connected to your Campus at all times (even after you pass out).

Lost in the sea of contents in Fb/Instagram etc. by 'friends' you don't even know?

Campus 24 - A tailor made social-utility app ONLY for your campus life has come to your rescue!